onPageLoad meet multiple global variables

Hi there, sorry to bother you the question has been asked:)
Here is a simple example to show my problem:
I have:
3 hidden images on the page: 1,2,3
3 global variables: rec1, rec2, rec3, (each controls the visibility of the corresponding image) all of them have been set to “on”(on is show the image).

now I want to show all the 3 images
But under the OnPageLoad, I can only show the first image.
Is there something need to be set? Or that I do this under onPageLoad is not the right option?
(It seems the onPageLoad only read the first case, and if it satisfied, it won’t go on to the second case)

Thank you in advance!

In Axure: images are set hidden first.

In HTML: only the first image is shown.

Notice how Case 2 and Case 3 each say “Else if”? That means they only fire if condition 1 isn’t true. On the PC version of axure, you can right click on the case and at the bottom there is an option that says “Toggle IF/ELSE IF”. If you click that it should toggle your ELSE IFs to IFs and the world should be happy.

Looks like you’re on a mac, so I believe you can control click instead? You’ll want to do that for Case 2 and Case 3.

Thank you! That really helps! Control click doesn’t work for my mac, but right click works pretty well.

Good deal. It’s been a while since i’ve used a mac! Regardless, glad you got what you needed.