onSelected interaction for grouped objects eg. Custom checkboxes

I’m looking for some help on how to apply repeated filters (in an efficient way) to a custom checkbox.

Essentially i have created a custom checkbox item that toggles visibility of the checkmark based on the and set the selected state.
If the checkbox is selected, I want to apply or remove a repeater filter.

The problem is that i don’t see “onSelected” as an option in the interaction menu. Without the onSelected and onUnselected interaction options, It behaves inconsistently.



Yes, it’s really annoying. Even though both groups and dynamic panels support their own selected state —e.g., independent of the selected states of their children — neither supports OnSelected, or the other selection events.

This lack has been reported a number of times. For instance, you can select a dynamic panel (which selects its children), unselect all of its children individually, and the dynamic panel will still report that it’s selected.

You’ll need to put a rectangle widget or whatever into your group, make its opacity 0, call it “selected state” or something, and use its selected state in the filter.