OnSwipe works with mouse but not touch

Basic OnSwipe implementation, changing panel states to next and previous. Running prototype on Chrome on touch-enabled PC running Windows 10. using the mouse to swipe works as intended. Using my finger to swipe has no effect. Any known reason for this?



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Hi GregoryOR,

It sounds like you’re running into some trouble with triggering the OnSwipe event with a touch interaction on your Windows 10 device. Would you happen to be seeing this issue across different web browsers, or is it only happening when viewing your prototype in a specific browser?

If you can post a copy of the RP file (or an example file) you’re seeing this behavior in, I’ll be able to get a closer look and do some further testing on my end. You can also send it through an email to support@axure.com if you’d prefer. TY!

Thanks Simon. I was using Chrome, because some of my images won’t display in IE, but I checked the swipe behavior in IE, and it works fine there. So I’m in a situation where I have to choose between my images showing up and no swipe functionality (Chrome) or swipe working correctly, but no images (IE). I’d be happy to use any browser to get both the swipe and images working correctly. Should I try Netscape? jk

BTW, just to reiterate, using the mouse to swipe works fine in both browsers. It’s just using touch that doesn’t work in Chrome.

I’m attaching a sample RP file that I tested on the Win 10 machine with both browsers to confirm that it also displays the same touch swipe problem in Chrome.

Oh, and I am using the Chrome Standalone Setup 64, as our medical devices don’t have access to the internet. Don’t know if that makes a difference.


GregorySwipeTest.rp (988.7 KB)

Hi GregoryOR,

I did some testing with your file and I’m seeing the same behavior you described in Chrome as well as Firefox, however it does look like the swipe interaction is working as expected in Microsoft Edge and IE. It looks like this is coming down to an issue we have on file where swipe and drag interactions would work inconsistently across different browsers on devices with touchscreen capabilities. Our QA team is looking into this, so I’ll go ahead and add the details you’ve provided here to the bug report.

The best bet for avoiding this issue in the meantime might be to use either Edge or IE when viewing your prototype on touchscreen devices. I know this may not be ideal, but hopefully it’ll help with showcasing your prototype. Let me know if you have any questions about this!

Any update on if and when this will be fixed?

I have a situation where I can only use a version of Chrome to run my prototype; so, using Edge/IE as an alternative isn’t an option…

Hi bshectman,

Our QA team is still investigating this issue, but I’ll go ahead and let them know that more users are running into this issue. If you aren’t able to use any other browsers besides Chrome to view your prototype, would you be able to give the Axure Share mobile app a try to see if that helps? You can read more about the app here:


If your prototype’s interactions are working better in the AxShare app, hopefully using that can serve as a potential workaround!

was this fixed in any Ax8 version? We are currently running into this issue on the Microsoft Surface Tablet. No matter which browser we use, swipe/drag doesnt work.