OnWindowScroll not working on mobile

Hey guys,
Not sure if this is still a known issue being worked as it looks like it’s been addressed before in release notes, but it looks like it’s still an issues.

I’m trying to only show a sticky header when scrolling up the page which works in various ways in RP8 but it’s not working on RP9 when testing on my iphone or chrome inspect as iphone.

I’ve tried moving the dp off/on the screen and using hide/show with “slide up/down”. Neither work.
Any suggestions or workarounds?

StickyHdrUpOnly.rp (85.8 KB)

Thanks for the report! It looks like you’re running into an issue where OnWindowScrollUp and OnWindowScrollDown has broken again on mobile; this has been filed with our QA team and we’re working on a fix. Once it’s ready and released, it should be listed in the release notes, which you can check either via “Help > Check for Updates” when new builds are available or anytime on our site below:


Thank you!

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