Open a new file while leaving the current file open

Is there a way to open a new file and still leave the current file open?
When I’m trying to do it now, Axure closes my current project and opens the new one.
I’m working on Windows OS, and I know that this option is working on MAC (there I can also switch between open files from “Window>”).

Yes, you can launch a new instance of Axure. I do this all the time. You’ll have two separate Axure RP windows. Some things you can drag&drop or cut&paste between the two (or more), but more complex widgets/groups may need to be copied over via File > Import from file.

Thanks :slight_smile:
I’m used to the way it worked on MAC, where I have one Axure window, and I can switch between files there, and not open multiple Axure windows.
It’s weird that it’s not consistent between MAC and Windows.