Open a page/link within the same page

I’m very new to Axure so i’m still famailirising myself with wireframing.
I’m currently designing a user interface. i have a control panel on the left and a taskbar on the top. i want to ciick on the “dashboard” icon for example and it opens the dashboard on the same page without losing the control panel i have made. so its like a fixed panel and depending what i click it opens the relevant page/link/data on the same page without losing the panel. How do i make open the link/data so it appears on the same page?

Do you need to be able to scroll to the content as well? Or just by clicking the button?

There’s probably a few solutions depending on the data that changes. My first port of call would be to put all the stuff that changes into a dynamic panel. Then use your control panel to switch states on the dynamic panel.

Alternatively, you could create the control panel as a dynamic panel with different states - if, say, you want to show which item is active. Then use a variable to track the active option each time an option is clicked, put your content onto different pages and your control panel on every page as well. On each page, have an OnPageLoad action that checks the variable and sets the state of your control panel to the right one.