Open link deselects the menu item

I created a menu with menuitems as a selection group, The selection behavior works fine. But opening a link make the menuitem deselected.

Any idea ?

Thanks a lot,


It is not clear exactly what you are doing. If you can upload your .rp file it will help a lot.

Does “opening a link” mean that you are jumping to a new page …and then returning to the first page? If so, then you’ll want to create a global variable to track which menu item was selected. In the Interactions, just before your Open Link, set the global variable value to the name or text or index of the selected menu item–something that uniquely identifies it. In that page’s Page Loaded event, set up some Case Conditions to test the global variable and set the corresponding menu item as Selected.

If it is something else, please elaborate and upload a sample .rp file.

Thanks mbc666 , I’ll follow your suggestions. Opening a link = jumping to a new page. BTW: The menu is a part of master and the page uses that master. I was and I’m still surprised, that a so basic feature is not a built in function.

Is there a way upload the prototyp only for you ?

Yes, you can do direct messages (hit up my DM! :smile: ) in this forum. Just click my avatar and then “Message”.