Open Link in Current Window from One Axure Share Project to Another


This seems like it should be obvious, but I can’t figure it out. I want to link from one Axure Share project to another within the same (current) window. The problem is that when I do this it stacks up both sidebars along the left side of the screen. In other words it links to my other Axure Share project but doesn’t replace the sidebar on the left with the new sidebar…instead they stack. Help?


Use Open Link in Parent Window instead of Current Window.

Your prototype is actually an iframe on the page the contains the sitemap, which is why you see both sitemaps when you use Current Window.


You need to change the link to directly access the page you want to target. Right now, you are probably using the URL you copied from the browser’s address bar. Instead, open the prototype that has the page you want to target, navigate to that page, and click on the link icon ( ) in the left panel in the browser.

This will display a field from which you can copy a “sharable link” to that page with or without the sidebar:

[ Edit ] Oh - I was assuming that you wanted to display a page from another file in an iFrame in the current file. If that’s not the case, follow the advice above.

Thanks to both of you for responding. I actually want to replace the parent window (as opposed to refreshing the current window’s iFrame). So nkrisc’s response is probably what I need. I didn’t realize that in Axure the proto displays in an iFrame next to the sidebar.

But even following nkrisc’s response I still can’t get it to replace the parent window. I can see in the console that the click is registered and the command to open the linked page in the parent window happened…but no change takes place.

Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


So the click event show but nothing happens at all in the browser? Are there any errors popping up in the browser console?

Hi afinpdx,

Can you also try the “Open Link in Parent Frame” action (

I had the same thought nkrisc that maybe something was going on in the browser, but no errors showed.

But turns out that Alex_Axure’s solution worked. I switched to “Open Link in Parent Frame” and that did the trick.

Thanks all!


I think Parent Window (as opposed to Parent Frame) is actually for when a page is shown in a popup spawned by the current window.

I mixed them up.