Open styles and Interactions for two elements


I want to open styles / interactions of an

element (READ ONLY) and
other element for editing.

Is there a way for that ?



Depending on what you mean by “open” --then the answer would be Yes, Maybe, Kind Of, or No. :smile:

Yes, in the editor, you can select multiple widgets and “open” the Style panel or Style Manager dialog to set style properties for all. However, for interactions, no, you can only edit/assign for one widget at a time. (But Kind Of, because that “widget” can be a group of widgets, however interactions for that group are distinct from individual widgets in that group.) Also Kind Of, you can assign an interaction for one widget, then easily copy it and paste it to other widgets, one at a time.

Yes, in your prototype (browser) you can “remotely” trigger interaction events for any widget, including groups, by using the Fire Event action. For example, let’s say you have a button, WidgetA and an image, WidgetB. When WidgetB is clicked, it opens a link to another page. You can assign the Click or Tap event of WidgetA to Fire Event of Click or Tap for WidgetB, so that clicking WidgetA also opens that same page link. Or, you could assign the OnPageKeyUp event to “WidgetB fire Click or Tap” so that pressing a key on the keyboard would do the same thing as clicking your Widgetb image.

No, you can’t directly trigger specific styles, e.g., mouseover, selected, etc. …But, Maybe you can if those styles are triggered by an event in that second widget. So, let’s say that WidgetB has a :mouseover style of 80% opacity and a :selected style of 100% opacity and 2px blue border. Furthermore, when WidgetB is clicked, it sets its selection state to “true.” By calling “WidgetB fire Click or Tap” the :selected style would be shown, but the :mouseover style would not be shown.

A Kind Of method for remotely triggering mouseover/hover styles is to manually create those visual effects in the Mouse Enter event, and undo them in the Mouse Exit event. I can show you examples if needed–best if you post your .rp file for this.

Thanks a lot for the lecture, I learned a lot … But my question (obviously not enough precisely formulated) is still open. I try it again:

I want create styles / interactions based on existing one:

I open the styles of an exiting widget ( READ ONLY)
I edit the styles of the new widget (WRITE)

Is there a way except starting axure twice :slight_smile: ?



Let’s see if I understand your question now…

You have two widgets and you want to copy the style formatting from widget A to widget B? Also, copy the interactions from widget A to widget B?

To copy styles, you can select widget A and copy it (Edit > Copy or Ctrl-C) then paste only the style properties by selecting widget B and either right-click on widget B, select Paste Special > Paste Style, or Ctrl-Alt-V.

To copy interactions, select widget A, view the INTERACTIONS pane, select all the interactions, copy them (Ctrl-C), then select widget B and paste (Ctrl-V).

I’m not sure why this would be required… are you trying to copy styles and interactions between projects (.rp files)? If so, you can still use the methods above. Just open two instances of Axure. For styles, you can define specific styles in the Style Manager, save project A, then in project B select File > Import From RP file… and follow the wizard to select your style sheet to import. This won’t work for interactions, but you can create Masters and Widget Libraries for that purpose, as well as styles.

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Thanks, it helps. But I want compare both styles as well, therefore I want to see both styles at once. The stupidest way would be: open axure two times… it was ironically mentioned.

Oh now I finally understand. No, Axure does not provide a way to view the Style or Interaction panes for more than one widget at a time. Yes, you can open two instances of Axure and view them side by side. I usually just take a screenshot when Widget A is selected, then select Widget B and compare.

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