Optimize images


I am working on a projet imported from Sketch that contains big images. I try to right click > Optimize images but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Slicing them doesnt seem to do anything either.

Is it a bug or has it not been implemented in Axure 9 yet?

By the way is there a way to optimise all images in a project?
That would save me a lot of time


Hi Benoit,

There isn’t currently a way to optimize all images in a project at once, but I agree that’d be a useful feature to have, and I’ve submitted this as a feature request to our product team on your behalf.

And to clarify, optimizing the image wouldn’t necessarily show any changes to the image in Axure RP, but this should reduce the size of the image file itself. The only time you would see a change to the image after optimizing is if the image had transparent fills (optimizing removes any transparency the image had).