Option + Drag not working with Wacom tablet

option drag to copy works great with my touch pad and keyboard, but when using a Wacom Intuos Pro, I can no longer use option and drag to copy. I’ve rebooted, updated to the latest build and updated my wacom drivers. This issue popped up in the last 2 beta updates. Anyone have any solves?

I am experiencing the same thing, and now I cannot multi select by holding down the shift key.


I found a workaround - the keys on the wacom tablet must be used. I can’t use the keyboard option key or shift to move items in combination with my tablet/pen.

Also, using the shift key on the tablet, I can multi select both items on the canvas and items in the outline and pages panes. But, with a regular keyboard and mouse I can’t do that (and neither can anyone else on my team).

Hi all,

We’ve had a user write into support about this and updating their Wacom drivers seemed to fix this. To clarify, is this issue Axure specific? For example, can you use [SHIFT]+Click/Drag to select multiple items on your desktop?

Also, are you using a Mac or Windows machine?

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The update fixed this issue on my end, but created a new issue.

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