Padding not stored within Widget Styles

I have a button which uses Interaction Styles (MouseOver, Selected, Disabled etc.) to adjust properties of the button… however there is no way to adjust Padding when using Interaction Styles if I wanted my button to have less padding on MouseOver…

In addition to this there is another a issue… if I configure my button and it’s padding, and then set MouseOver Interaction Styles to switch to a different Widget Style that I have created, and then I change the padding of the button - when I preview the prototype, the MouseOver still shows the original padding, when the default state shows the updated padding… this is very weird since there is no way to store the padding in the Widget Style themselves, so where is it coming from?

It’s a bug-like discrepancy.

Actually it is… but it’s not stored within the widget styles that appear when you try to edit the MouseOver, MouseDown, Selected, Disabled Interaction Styles…

Hi jonsage,

You’re right that there isn’t a way to adjust padding in the Interaction Styles dialog, and I’ve passed along your feedback as a feature request to our respective teams. The best way to configure the padding for IX styles would be to do what you’re already doing, i.e. using widget styles with the targeted padding.

Further, if you were to have a button with 5px padding all around and gave it an OnMouseOver IX style to a widget style that had 20px padding from the left, and then changed the button’s padding to 10px from the left, the button should retain the 10px left padding until the mouse hovers over the button, whereas in that case, the button should then change its padding to 20px from the left. Is that different from what you’re seeing? If so, would you be able to post your RP file here for me to test? Please also let me know the name of the button and the widget style where you’re running into this behavior. Ty!

Hi Jane,

Yes I am seeing the same as you - what I was hoping that as in the IX you couldn’t set padding, that any padding I set on the button that overrode it’s Widget Style would also override it’s IX styles padding (as it looks like you can’t set padding in the IX styles) But what you say makes sense… I think when padding is added to the IX styles I will be happy - it’s a bit annoying to have to create Widget Styles for everything every time - although great if you are going to be reusing them - for quick demos it’s easy to just to set the IX styles directly without having to create a widget styles first.

Whilst I have your attention… :wink: the IX styles are limited to MouseOver, MouseDown, Selected and Disabled… I do get this, and I also get that it makes sense that only Selected and Disabled can be toggled from an Action (OnClick > Set Selected…) However these “states” are fantastic for developing more advanced interaction… if you look at the forum you will see that people suggest using Selected or Disabled to trigger different styling (not related to the logical definition of Selected or Disabled) through Actions… but what would be less hacky would be if we could “OnClick > Set Widget Style” :slight_smile:

Hi jonsage,

Gotcha - thanks for clarifying that! I can definitely see where the confusion came from, and we’ll hopefully see the ability to style the padding for IX styles in a future release.

As for the current limitation of IX styles, I’ll also pass along your feedback to our product management team to see if we could include greater flexibility for use with IX styles, rather than just the current four (MouseOver, MouseDown, Selected, Disabled).

I hope this helps!