Page Align center behaves unexpectedly

In Axure 8 page align ‘center’ would center content within the page regardless of the adaptive view. Eg: if i had a layout with a single box of 100px wide, it would center within the viewport at every breakpoint.

In Beta 9, the box remains centered in the base breakpoint, but becomes left aligned within the adaptive view size at every other viewpoint.

I’ve attached an example document, if you run it in Axure 8, then Beta 9, and change adaptive views, you’ll see how content does not center in the same way anymore.

page-align-test.rp (43.0 KB)

This is a problem for me as a have page layouts that i want to remain centered at every breakpoint, regardless of size without having to manually center each page at each break point, for existing files.

Is there any way to make Axure Beta 9 page layouts behave the same way as Axure 8?

Hi rpatman,

Thanks for the report! I’ve filed this as a bug with our QA team for the 9 beta, and we’ll hopefully see this fixed soon. :slight_smile:

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