Page guides not being saved

After adding page guides, exiting Axure and then reopening Axure, it seems like the page guides are gone. Is this the expected behavior or am I not seeing something?

They shouldn’t be. Opt-Cmd-Comma on a Mac will show any guides you have applied (or View > Rulers, Grid and Guides > Show Global Guides).

Did a further test and saving page guides on a new file that’s created in RP9 conforms to expected behavior.

However, the file I’ve been working on was converted from RP8 and then re-saved as a new file. That one won’t save page guides no matter what I do. Viewing them isn’t the issue since I can view them when I create them. It’s trying to view them again after saving and reopening the file that’s the bug.

So I’m chalking this up to the RP8 -> RP9 file conversion. Just another annoyance. Like how the shortcut keys for viewing page guides vs global guides is the reverse in RP9 than what it was in RP8.