Page Interactions

I’m trying to work my way through the core training, and am currently working on the Navigation Menu.

Unfortunately, my page doesn’t seem to have any page interactions, so I can’t do a “OnPageLoad” event. Can anyone tell me how to get my page interactions to show?


You are editing a library file (.rplib), not a normal Axure file (.rp). Page interactions are not available in library, because when you drag a widget onto the page you don’t wan’t it to override anything you might already have in your page interactions.

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Thank you!

This suggestion didn’t work for me. I’m in an .rp file. I’m a student and have Axure RP Team Edition. I do not have access to the box at the bottom of the page containing the options “page notes”, “page interactions”, or “page style”. I’m not sure if that is even an option with my edition. Any intel would be greatly appreciated.

Hi! That box is no longer at the bottom. It’s on the right, under the Notes tab. Be sure that the right panes are shown: View > Panes > Toggle Right Panes.