Page Style Editor not working in 8.0

Can anyone tell me how I can get the Page Style Editor to appear at the bottom of the page? Or on the side? It appeared on the RHS when I started the file but now the only way it seems I can access it is Publish>Page Style Editor. And it closes when I hit “Ok”, before I have a chance to see the changes. And then it doesn’t work.

This is v frustrating. I had no issues w this feature in V. 7. Any advice would be great…thx!

You should be able to see the Page Style in the Inspector Pane, by default at the top-right of the Axure editor. Some general troubleshooting steps I can think of…

  1. Maximize the Axure application window.
  2. Make sure the Inspector pane is visible: View > Panes > verify Inspector is checked.
  3. Make sure the Inspector pane is expanded: Click on the “Inspector” title bar to collapse/expand.
  4. Make sure the Right Panes are visible. Press Ctrl + Alt + ] to toggle them (or View > Toggle Right Panes.)
  5. Make sure the Right Panes and/or Inspector Pane has enough width and height to be fully visible. You can hover on its left- or right border to get a double-arrow cursor. Click and drag to resize.
  6. If still not visible, reset the default editor layout with View > Reset View.
  7. Once you can see the Inspector pane and its contents, deselect any widgets on your page (click the page background.) You should see “Inspector: Page” on that title bar (If it does not read, “Inspector: Page” then you have one or more widgets selected and you would see style options for that widget(s).)
  8. Click the STYLE tab in the Inspector pane to see the page style options.
  9. If all else fails, send an email to and they should be able to help you.

If successful, you should see something like this (default location is top-right of editor) which will allow you to edit the page style settings:

If you click on the “page-edit icon” (to right of “Default”) it will open the Page Style Manager, just like Project > Page Style Editor. Note this will set the defaults for all pages in your project, or if you define a new style, the default settings are only for pages to which that page style is applied.