Page tree in preview and generate html

When I preview my proto (F5) it displays with the page tree on the left open by default. This is what I’m used to from Ax8, and how the folks consuming the protos expect things to work.

When I generate HTML (F8) it displays with the page tree closed by default. This is not expected and resulting in the folks consuming the protos to miss things as the page tree is simply expected.

How do I configure the page tree to display by default in generated HTML? And not by utilizing something in the query string, we have an entire process built around going to https://protolocation.local/projectcode and what is needed is there. Years worth of (necessary for audits) URLs are embedded in cards.


@tims In terms of generated HTML, i don’t see there is a way displaying the tree by default

no configurations obviously. And hacks also not working, tried invoke javascript in onPageLoad() event to auto-change the URL (&g=1 to display the tree), but browser will block it due to cross-origin policy

javascript:if(top.location.href.indexOf('&g=1') < 0) { top.location.replace(top.location.href + '&g=1'); history.go(0)}