Pagination pager

Hi everyone, I’m trying to create a pagination pager? What I mean is adding this “Showing 1 to 5 of 15”, which changes to “Showing 6 to 10 of 15” and so on at the bottom of a repeater. I’ve been trying to set text on the OnItemLoad event by adding something like this: Showing [[Item.index]] to [[Item.Repeater.visibleItemCount]] of [[Item.Repeater.itemCount]], but it’s not quite right. Could anyone help me out?

You’re looking for Repeater.pageIndex

So assuming you have a local variable (LVAR1) set to the repeater widget:

Showing [[(LVAR1.pageindex - 1) * 5 + 1]] to [[(LVAR1.pageIndex - 1) * 5 + LVAR1.visibleItemCount]] of [[LVAR1.itemCount]]

Replace the 5 with the number of items per page. There’s no variable for this so you’ll have to hardcode it.


Superb! Thanks so much.

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