Panel details are cut off

is it just me? the text parameters panel and other panel also are cut off and getting out of the screen


Yes, if you are not on fullscreen mode

Hi Barak!

Would you happen to have a multi-monitor setup? If so, do you have your computer as your primary display or one of your external monitors as your primary? Does it change the behavior at all if you disconnect the external and work just from the main computer? If you could post a screenshot of the display settings for each computer/monitor, that’d be helpful in our investigation of this issue. Ty!

Now im using only one sceen but it happens also when im using two

HI Barak,

Hmm, I still haven’t been able to reproduce this using your setup. After disconnecting your second monitor, could you try restarting your computer to see if that changes the behavior? And when you have your monitor connected, is the external monitor set as your primary or secondary display? Also, does this only happen in full screen mode? Does it help to move the panes to the left side of the Axure UI, or do the panes still get cut off?

Sorry for the late response but i think i got on the cause of this.
i’m using WIN10 with the taskbar docked to the left side of the screen.
When i move the taskbar to the botton (the Windows default) the problem disappears

Hi Barak!

Thanks so much for sending along these screenshots and this additional description! We have a bug report on file regarding this issue, where having the taskbar in a position other than at the bottom of the screen can cause dialogs to be cut off. Our teams are currently investigating the cause of this behavior, but I’ve added a note to this issue’s report regarding your experience.

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