Panel, isolate not there

After using 10 Beta and panels i find myself accidentally modifying items in the panel and outside the panel accidentally. It is also hard to tell what inside the panel and what’s outside so I would paste a widget thinking it’s inside the panel and then oops it’s outside. It’s a new issue I didn’t experience in Ax9.
I do like the idea of seeing multiple states at once
Is Isolate option gone forever or am I just not seeing it?

Isolate option is there, hidden… little purple control. Bigger control would better, it requires hunting now

I assume you mean the purple icon with lots of boxes - kinda looks like a rubik’s cube? I was hoping for the same functionality as before, where isolate completely isolates the panel, and you don’t see any other ones. I have a mockup with 100+ states, and it struggles to load all of them in the multi-panel view mode.