Panes cropped with 2 displays

Hi Axure Support,

When using 2 monitors and undocked ‘Panes’, the Panes are getting cropped when the second monitor is connected/disconnected.

I can’t grab the Pane header to move them, and turning the Pane ‘on’ or ‘off’ in the ‘View’ file menu item doesn’t reset their position in the layout. Without being able to access the Pane header, I can’t dock or move them, and they’re in the middle of my screen, blocking the view of the page.

Hopefully there is a ‘gather panes’ or ‘gather windows’ feature I’m missing that will easily fix this, otherwise let me know.


Hi Chris,

After the panes get cropped, are you still able to scroll within the panes to view/select the items? I just tested disconnecting/connecting my external while the 9 beta had popped our panes, and while the panes did get cropped on my smaller MacBook display, I was still able to scroll within the panes, which is what I would expect.

Rather than turning the individual panes on/off, could you go to “View > Reset View” from the main menu of Axure RP to see if that helps?

Hi Jane, Thanks for the fast reply. “View > Reset View” worked. Sorry for the noob question, still working through all the features and couldn’t find anything in a few Google searches.