Paragraph text area

I have a problem, I have been days trying to work it out but I don’t know how. The thing is when I want to put a text on an text area, for example instrucctions of something. When I put them the text dissapears. Like in the image.

And then sees like that.

Thanks for your help, I don’t know how to explain myself better, so sorry. Hope the pictures help.


It looks like you are using a Text Field widget and not a Text Area widget. Text Fields are one-line only, so your text has not actually not disappeared, but is rather all on the same line. In the HTML you could scroll right to see it all.

If you use a Text Area widget, and size it to fit the text, it will show correctly. However, if you do not need the user to edit the text, which is very uncommon for instructions, you should use a Box or Paragraph widget (which are just rectangles.) The Text Field and Text Area widgets are for users to input text.