Pass Repeater value

I’m coming back to Axure after about a year long break, so I’m a little rusty. I have built a fake bar graph with boxes to represent the bars, and I have a repeater with about 10 values in it. i want to set the height of the boxes in my bar graph based on values in the repeater.

For example, If I have values of 8.6. 7.5 and 9.2, I want to have boxes with heights of 86, 75 and 92 respectively. I am fairly certain this can be done with global variables, but I must be missing something somewhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

No global variables necessary here.

Assuming your values are in a column called Value:

Set size of barWidget to height: [[item.Values]], width: 30

Modify for your actual file.

That’s what I was attempting, but there are multiple bars and each bar needs to correspond with the value in a particular row. I tried [[Item.Value1]], [[Item.Value2]], etc, but that’s not working

Right, each bar (a row) will have a value in the Value column. OnItemLoad runs once for each row.

repeater-bargraph.rp (46.1 KB)

Ohhhhhhh I see what you’re doing - you’ve made the bar graph part of a repeater! I think that will get me going in the right direction! Thanks!

Yeah if you have a dynamic bar graph using a repeater is great because it handles just about everything with regards to generating the graph for you. You can add rows, re-order them, change values all you want and it works.