Passing image to another page

I Have a problem in passing image to another page using dynamic panel

Hi swarupk,

Welcome to the forum! Would you happen to be following this tutorial?

Let me know which step that you’re running into trouble and attach a copy of your RP file. Happy to take a look :).

Hi Alex,

Thank you for your replay. Please find attachment.

if i click on grey button grey should pass to next page , if i click on blue button blue should be pass to next page

Example.rp (55.4 KB)

Hi there,

I see. You’re on the right track by setting up the global variables in the project. Instead of having separate variables for grey and blue, though, it may be easier to use a single variable that you set to match the panel state names of the target DP.

This screenshot shows the added Set Variable Value action on page 1; make sure to order it before the Open Link action:

On page 2, you’ll want to name your panel states so that they match the values being set in the Set Variable Value action:

Then on the DP, you can create an OnLoad case that sets the panel state to the value of a variable:

Changes in the RP attached: Example_Edit.rp (57.1 KB)

For more background, check out steps 2-4 of the tutorial as well:

Hope that helps!

Thank you so much for your help Alex … :slight_smile:

hi alex , not getting Please check attached screenshot

i got it … thank you alex