Passing repeater rows between picklists/listboxes

Hi all, I’m trying to create a dual picklist where items in the “available” list can be selected and transferred to the “selected” picklist. I’d like to be able to then move the “selected” items up or down and also transfer them back to the “available” list.

So far (in my attached project) I have 2 repeaters for the lists. I can select one or many items in the “available” list, but I can’t work out how to pass them into the “selected” list. I’ve tried passing the selection to the OnLoadVariable but that only passes one value.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Dual Picklists.rp (77.7 KB)

You can try creating the same list in both repeaters - then, just mark or unmark the rows, or even filter based on the selections on the left.

Hi, I eventually achieved what I wanted using a bunch of variables (and some trial and error!) but I suspect there’s a much neater way of doing it. Just need to sort the up and down buttons.

Dual Picklists #2.rp (104.2 KB)

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