Passing Value of One Repeater to Another


I’m trying to simulate search query setup.

I have two repeaters. The first functions as a text input used for search The second is a hidden, simulated dropdown (not an Axure widget). Each dropdown item is a repeater row. The basic interaction is, click inside the textfield repeater and the dropdown appears (onFocus) and disappears when the user clicks outside of the textfield (onLostFocus). This works fine.

I want to pass the value of the dropdown repeater to the replace the value of the textfield repeater. (I realize there are other ways of doing this without a repeater, but I’m using a repeater for a bigger purpose, which is outside the scope of this particular post)

Do I have to “mark” the textfield repeater first, then update that same repeater onClick? I tried this but it did not work.

It should be simple but I’m not getting it. What am I missing?