Password requirements can't be checked/met all at the same time

I’m having a problem with prototyping password requirements. So, I have a set of requirements for a password that I want users to meet and after the requirement is met, the checkmark needs to become green. The problem is that only two of them work at the same time.

For example, while I’m typing the password in the prototype, only first two requirements (8 chars and uppercase letter) work and rest don’t, even if all of the requirements are met.

But when I delete the first two interactions (at least 8 characters, uppercase requirement) from the interactions panel, the next two (lowercase, number) are working perfectly and the checkmarks become green.

So my question is, how can I make all password requirements be checked at the same time (after they are met, of course).

I imagine you are using the Text Field’s Key Up or Text Changed event with at least five conditional cases. Double-check that all your cases are “If” and not “Else If” cases.

This solved everything, thank you so much!! Everything was accidentally set to “Else If”.