Password template page problems

Can’t seem to properly set up the new Password pop-up page to secure an AxShare prototype.

I think I have followed the instructions correctly, but I must have made some error. I had originally secured the prototype via the old method in the AxShare dialog, but would like to use this new pop=up page instead.

KYCPasswordPage.rp (516.4 KB)
KYC-2-6-18.rp (5.4 MB)

Please help!

Hi Bluewoods!

I tested the “KYCPasswordPage” file on my end and it should be working as you upload it in the Branding page of your Axure Share account:

If the error persists even after you’ve applied a password to your prototype and uploaded your password page in the Branding section, please try clearing your web browsing data (e.g. cookies) to see if the password page shows up as you visit the prototype. Similarly, please try viewing the password-protected prototype in another browser (or Google Chrome’s Incognito mode) to compare.

If these steps don’t do the trick, please share a sample URL for one of your password-protected prototypes and we can continue investigating from there. Thnx!