Paste focus problem with Dynamic Panel States

When I am working with states inside a dynamic panel and paste I can’t immediately use the arrow keys to move around the pasted thing after I’ve pasted it into another state, this seems to be because I haven’t ‘focused’ the drawing area.

The main workflow I am doing when this happens is moving most of the content between states. I use the Outliner to select between the states because I can see all of them at a glance (this works quite well), vs the drop down menu at the top which appears when you go into editing a dynamic panel.

So my workflow is:

  1. Select a state in the outline panel
  2. Select all the stuff inside the drawing area
  3. Cut
  4. Select another state in the outline panel
  5. Paste
  6. I then try to use the arrow keys to move it around (which won’t work), usually to remove the 10px offset noted in another post, this is because the drawing area is no longer focused.

The main issue is that I am using the outline panel to change which state I am looking at but this changes the focus away from the drawing area.

One option here would be to have some sort of UI which comes up when you select a dynamic panel which allows a listing of the states so you can quickly jump between and have them as reference instead of using the outliner panel. I know the dropdown at the top of the drawing area gives you the ability to switch between states, but this is more cumbersome, I have to go there, click, orient myself to what I see there then choose a state vs having a listing which stays on the page while I am editing that I can keep going back to and pick the state I want.

Hi rmcgillak,

Hmm, I’m able to use the arrow keys to move around the pasted widget(s) right after the paste in dynamic panel states. Could you let me know whether you’re on a Mac or Windows machine, and the build of the 9 beta you are running (.e.g 3623)? Here is a quick video to demonstrate what I’m seeing on my end - please let me know if you’re seeing something different:

Hi, yes I’m using beta 3623. I the reason why it is working in your example is because you switched states using the dropdown in the main UI and not the Outline view. In my example the arrow keys are not working is because I have selected the new state using the outline view, therefore the key presses are being consumed by the outline view because focus is still there. If I change states using the top dropdown like you did it works.

I think it is working “as designed” but as designed you can’t use the outline view to choose the states (which is an easy way to see and choose the states) and then paste and have focus on the drawing view.

Since automatically changing focus back to the drawing view doesn’t seem like the right thing to do, this is why I was thinking that perhaps it would be great to have additional UI in the drawing view when doing state editing so that you can see all states and choose between them, as this would be a smoother workflow than the dropdown which feels slow and a bit awkward when you work with states A LOT as some of us do (90% of my work is doing stuff in the individual states and moving/copying stuff between states).

Hi rmcgillak,

Gotcha - thanks very much for clarifying. I’ve gone ahead and filed a request with our designated teams to see about having an additional UI for dynamic panel state editing to better suit your workflow.

In the meantime, what may help is to click on the page before pasting the widget. After the paste, the focus should be on the widget, not in the Outline pane, allowing you to use the arrow keys to adjust the location of the pasted widget.

Yes this is a work around works.