Pasting/copying text values into a field from a drag & drop action

I am trying to set up a situation where I can drag and drop a box containing text and have another box appear as a result of the action showing the same text. I have tried using “set text on This equal to text on focused widget” but it doesn’t seem to work. I would greatly appreciate any advice/assistance?


Hi Peter,

Not sure if this would help but I created an example showing how to do it.
DragText.rp (58.1 KB)

I believe that the reason why your example is not working is due to the fact that you move panels which do not contain text so when you are targeting the element by focused widget you might be targeting the panel and not the element which has the text.


Hi Azrael,


I really appreciate the assistance. I actually had the ‘set text’ command configured incorrectly.

I hope I am not stretching the goodwill too far, but I was wondering whether you would know how to set the dragable box back to the original state and position in order to use again (as you have in your example), but to also simulate the actual drop (hide) effect. I have a situation where I want to drop the same tag (value) in multiple drop areas.

Once again many thanks for your help.



Hi Peter,

No problem. I have updated the file to show an example of the drop effect (I went a little overboard with effects but I wanted to see how it would look like with more options included :slight_smile: ).
DragText_v0.2.rp (68.0 KB)

I hope this helps you with your prototype! Let me know if you have more questions.


Thanks once again Azrael… It worked very well. It seems so easy once you understand how you approached the problem.

Can you tell me whether it is possible to use the text I made appear in the box I am dropping into to trigger an event that makes an image appear in a prescribed state and specific position within the box? and… Can this be done where the image is dynamically linked? ie… 1 image, feeding multiple boxes presented in any one of the available image states.

I hope this makes sense?

Many thanks


HI Peter,

If I understand correctly your concept then the answer is yes. It could be done in 2 ways:

  1. You use a panel component with multiple states where each state has a different image. When OnDrop is triggered you check which image is used and then you switch the state of the panel to match the desired image (and the panel can be moved to a desired position)

  2. You can use a repeater with images inside its dataset and then trigger the image display/change by referencing the image and using repeater filter to display only the specific image.

I am not entirely sure what you are trying to achieve without seeing the interface but I hope that one of those 2 options could work for you.


Thanks so much Azrael,

I think option 1 will work and it is the option that I am most comfortable with. Again, the answer is glaringly obvious. I have only started using this software in the last week in order to try and simulate a drag and drop scenario. Thanks for all your help.