Pasting formatted text - is it impossible, or is it just me


I have a problem that seems like it should just work.

I am maintaining an Axure 7 prototype for a client, and need to update the prototype with new text content quite frequently. The client is editing the text externally, and is using common formatting, such as bold and italic.

However, no matter what I try, this formatting is stripped when I paste the text into Axure. I have copying the text from: Word 2013, Wordpad, Internet Explorer and Chrome.

I have also inspected the clipboard contents when copying from those applications and from Axure. Is there any reason why Axure isn’t able to read and write RTF correctly to the clipboard? The clipboard visualizer I use reports the format from Axure as distinct from the RTF format used by the other applications.

In short: Is there any way to get formatted text into a prototype without having to re-apply the formatting by hand for every text label?

Hi peterbp,

I’m afraid that Axure RP has its own way of handling rich text, which is the reason formatting isn’t being conserved when you are pasting from an external source. If your external text is all consistent, you can use the Widget Style Editor to simplify this workflow. For example, if all of the text is bold, you can make the default style for the Paragraph widget bold. But this workaround wouldn’t work if the same block of text contains regular, italic, and bold text, which I assume is the case.

I can understand the frustration that results when you are managing copy outside of Axure RP and need to fine tune the text every time it is changed. I am going to pass your post on to our Product Management team so that we can look in to better supporting foreign rich text in the future.


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Hello, was this topic from January 2015 ever resolved? I’m having the same issue.


Hi riceba,

What Tuomas mentioned still holds true - it isn’t possible to paste formatted text into Axure RP and have the formatting preserved. As Tuomas mentioned, one possible workaround. if you’re working with one formatting per block of text, is to add a widget style with the targeted preformatted text and apply the widget style that way.

I’ve also filed a request with our product management team that you’re still interested in this feature, so hopefully that helps a bit.