Pasting images to a repeater dataset

I noticed in the latest beta update ( that one of the new features listed is the ability to paste an image into a repeater dataset:

  • Added ability to paste an image into a repeater dataset

Has anyone figured out how this works? Trying to copy/paste an image file results in just the name of the file being copied into the data cell. The only way to reference the image itself seems to be by importing the image into each cell, which can be a slow, laborious process if you have many rows, each containing the same image.

Yeah it’s a bit weird.

You click on an image widget - in fact ANY widget or even a collection of widgets and press Ctrl+C. Then click on a dataset entry and press Ctrl+V. It then pastes an IMAGE of what you copied into that dataset cell with the simple name “image”

I’m not sure why this functionality would be considered useful - other than perhaps having a repeater hold a set of thumbnails for various pages in your prototype.