Pasting into a repeater


I’ve got a 600 line spreadsheet and the same in a plain text file. I’d like to get it all into a repeater but I can’t for the life of me work out how to do it. I’ve read several posts that imply that it’s possible. When I select all the rows in the spreadsheet or all the lines in the text file and paste into the repeater it puts them all in one cell.

Any ideas, anyone?


HI Andy,

Hmm! This should work. In the plain text file, could you make sure each entry is on its own line break? I just tested copying entries from a TextEditor file on Mac to a repeater in Axure RP 8, and this pasted each entry into its own cell. If that’s still not working for you, could you post a quick video of how you’re copying & pasting between the spreadsheet and Axure RP? This’ll give me a better sense of your workflow so that I can try and reproduce it on my end. If you don’t yet have a screen-capturing tool, the Jing application is free and easy to use. After recording the screencast, Jing will give you the option to post the video to a public URL, which you can then share here. Thanks!

Ok, second attempt. I was getting an error with the first one so I’ve saved it as a m4v file and zipped it. Hopefully this should work:

Hi Andy,

Ah, it looks like the link is asking for login credentials. If it’s easier, do you want to email the screen recording file to If you could also send over the text file with the repeater entries you are trying to copy & paste over, that’d help as well. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Jane. I’ve just sent that through now.


Hi Jane

Thanks for the help last night on the repeater issue. I’ve now got it working. However… I was showing a colleague this morning. He tried it in the beta of 9 and it doesn’t do the same thing. It just pastes onto the screen.

Might be worth you having a look at that one.

Best regards

I also had the same issue on V9 - pasting data into a repeater doesn’t work, gets pasted as table. I really hope that this is a known issue and that it will be fixed in time for the official release of V9

Hi guys!

Yep, this is a known bug we have on file where pasting onto repeater cells currently does not work in the 9 beta, and our teams are working out the kinks for the issue. :slight_smile: