Performance in is horrible. Anyway to rollback?

Downloaded this morning and the performance is terrible - particularly with big images. Canvas is janky as hell and scrolling up and down is almost unusable.

Is there anywhere I can download the previous iteration i.e. the original 9.0 Beta? That one worked fine.

Just found the .DMG in my downloads folder and have launched that.

Everything seems to be ok again.

I sent off a support ticket this morning. I hope this is resolved soon.

I have the same issue with wierd scrolling behavior on MacBook Pro 17, causing immediately jumping into scales of thousands.

Yeah same… MBP 2018 running latest version of High Sierra.

The janky scrolling was only an issue editing image heavy pages. I tried optimising each image - both at import and after the fact using the contextual menu - but no luck.

Hi cstn!

To confirm, are you running into the same issue as Croops on build 3620 of the 9 beta? If so, could you let us know the model of the mouse you are using, as well as a screenshot of your Mouse settings in System Preferences? If you are not using a mouse, could you take a screenshot of your Trackpad settings (of all the three tabs) instead? Any additional details you’re able to provide about your mouse/trackpad setup will be helpful as well. Thanks!

Hi Jane,
thanks for answering.

I was on build 3619 and have updated now. I experienced no more wierd scrolling with the artboard when using trackpad.
Sorry to cause any confusion.

I’m using MBP 2018 on Axure version 3620, and while it is has somewhat improved from the spastic scrolling of previous version, it is still much too easy using the MBP trackpad to end up getting thrown off into -1000+ territory, and generally quite jittery and unreliable.

When compared to using my other tools like Sketch, etc I need to be so much more careful with scrolling on Axure build 3620 and still often end up in no mans’ land unintentionally.

Thanks for letting us know! We’re continuing to look at cleaning up scrolling to be less jerky and more predictable.

Just dropped in 3621 this morning… massively improved the scrolling on MBP trackpad. :smiley:

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