Performance Issues

Are there any known performance issues with Ax 10? Generating previews in AX10 hangs my system for about 5-7 seconds and CPU cores spike to 100%. Mouse gets all jumpy. In Ax9 - there were some of these “hangs” but nothing like what I’m seeing here. Moving from “stable” to beta version didn’t seem to help or hurt.

System Specs:
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
32GB RAM @ 3600MHz
PCIe 4 Storage
Nvidia 1080ti
Win 10 Pro

Hi w00t, we do have some improvements for preview performance coming up in the next beta build of RP 10 that should help make preview load times similar to RP 9. Stay tuned for the next release candidate of RP 10!

We’re also happy to take a look for further improvement opportunities on our end if you have any files exhibiting this issue that you can share with us. It’s particularly helpful if you have a 9 version of the file you can send that we can compare directly between 9 and 10. If you’re still seeing issues after the next update, feel free to send any files over to for further investigation.