Pin a widget inside a dynamic panel


I would like to pin a widget inside a dynamic panel.

It would be like a Pin to browser kind of thing, only with the x and y of the dynamic panel.

Is that possible ?


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About to post the same thread. Axure team please respond ASAP :slight_smile:

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A few quick thoughts on approaches… Since “pinning” is an HTML+Browser thing you could place your dynamic panel (dp) content–for example a single widget–in its own browser window. Namely, an inline frame targeting a page in your prototype, and your widget(s) would be on that page.

Or, you could kind of “brute force” the location of your “pinned” widgets by moving them to their default locations in the OnScroll or OnDrag events–whatever is causing your widgets to move within the dp.

Or, just break up your dp and place your “pinned” widgets in their own dp (or group) and overlay that on top of your main dp. Or, maybe better, put both those dps into a “parent” dp so that your main dp can scroll/drag/move independent of the “pinned” dp.

If you post your .rp file I’d be happy to try applying some of these to test them out.

As I typed my last suggestion (an inner dp with outer parent dp) I realized that would be a very simple solution here, assuming you are wanting to scroll all the content in your dp except for one or a few widgets.

Here is a quick demo:

Dynamic Panel Pinning.rp (78.5 KB)

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