Pin to Browser But Scrollable Vertically?

I have a DP pinned to browser that is taller than the browser viewport. Therefore the bottom gets cut off.

Is there a way to make pin to browser elements vertically scrollable? Is it a matter of not using pin to browser and developing custom conditional cases instead?

I suppose you could resize the dynamic panel to set the height to [[Window.height]] and ensure that “Scrollbars: Scroll as needed” is checked (right-click that dynamic panel for this option.)

Probably best if you use the Window Resized event to set the size of the dynamic panel (this is triggered at page load as well.) For good measure, you could have a case like, “If [[Window.height]] is greater than [[LVAR1.height]] Set Size of MyPanel to 500” …where LVAR1 points to a dyanmic panel named “MyPanel” and the default height is 500 px.