Pin to Browser + other dynamic panel interaction


I have some issues with pin to browser action.

Ecommerce situation in here.
What I need to do is a website with:
a/ filter panel, which will be sticky to the top of the page (I did Dynamic Panel set to Pin to browser)
b/ a scrollable list of products under the filter panel section
c/ a shopping cart which in minimised at the bottom of the page,

If you click on a shopping cart, it needs to open and cover all page (hide poroduct list and filter section).
Now, if the shopping cart is open, it goes under the pinned to browser filter section.

Any way to fix it?

When you show the shopping cart, there’s a ‘more options’ bit in the dialogue which has a ‘bring to front’ checkbox option. This should position it above any other element.


Hey Dave,

Unfortunately this doesn’t work.
From my observation ‘Bring to front’ is kinda lower in hierarchy than ‘Pin to browser.’
This was my first guess anyway. Thanks!

My solution so far:
When the shopping cart is open, I set ‘Bring to Back’ for every element which is on the way.
While hiding the shopping cart, I set ‘Bring to Front’ and this works.
Not sure though if the best solution :slight_smile:

Did you uncheck the ‘Keep in front’ option on the Pin to Browser settings? This lets you put other things in front of that item, like a popup. You can keep it on top of everything else by making sure it is at the top of your Outline view.