Pin to browser Top/Left with margins?

Hi, not sure if this is rather obvious to others, but I’m wondering why there is no margin allowed for pinning DPs to either top (vetical pin) or left (horizontzal pin) of the browser.
To paraphrase: How could I pin a DP with e.g. 100px margin to the top of the browser?

@Muensterberg can wait for Axure team to provide the official answer, but in my understanding, Margin is disabled for left & top because that’s exactly your widget’s coordinate

with that being said, if you need to pin a DP with margin to the top of the browser, you just need to simply put your DP at the correct place and enable pin to browser

1 Like ouch, I knew the solution was somewhat obvious. So, I was assuming that when I pin something to top-left it would be … well … top-left. I never made the connection between the disable ‘margin’ values in the dialog and the position of the widget (and I#ve been using Axure for quite a while :wink:

Thanks very much for the enlightenment!

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