Pin & unpin to browser

Hi all,

I’m creating a mobile prototype & have a fixed footer at the bottom of the page. I know how to pin it to the browser, however is there any way to unpin it once a user scrolls past a certain point?

Any help would be really appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Yes there is a way.
you can set it in the page interactions (you get there by selecting nothing)
and then choose event OnWindowScrollDown.
in the Condition Builder:
if value [[Window.scrollY]] is greater then value 200
and in the case set Hide Footer

you can set it to show again with OnWindowScrollUp.
if value [[Window.scrollY]] is less then value 200
Show Footer

Of course you need to check if 200px is right for you, you might want the footer to disappear after more scrolling

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OK cool thanks! I’ll give that a try!