Pined and nested Dynamic Panel not sliding


I have a pined and nested Dynamic-Panel not sliding with its parent Dynamic-Panel on panel state change.

Rather than coming in by sliding with its parent Dynamic-Panel, it just appears without transition. How can I please fix it ? Thanks

Here’s the AxShare :

Here’s the RP fil : pined-dynamic-panel-not-sliding.rp (72.4 KB)

Thanks a lot everyone

Hi! It looks like the panel isn’t sliding because it’s pinned to a specific place on the browser and is already visible. To get it to use the same sliding animation as its parent panel, you can set it as hidden on the canvas, and then OnClick of the button that changes the panel state, use “Show” with a “Slide left” animation so that as the panel state changes, it too gets to animate:

Hopefully that helps a bit!

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Thanks a lot Alyssa !