Pinned DPs drifting on show/hide

Alright, so I made a “responsive” toolbar. The elements on the left are pinned left (number selected) and the elements on the right are pinned right. (edit / delete) The right side tools were a DP w/ states for edit/delete and Save/Cancel, but the behavior in the GIF started happening - so I switched to show/hide on two different DPs to try to troubleshoot. It didn’t fix it.

If I do not interact with the [SAVE] button on the right at all, everything works as expected. If I do, then subsequent show/hide actions on the toolbar result in shifting of it and its contents. I’ve been at it all day and I cannot figure out what’s causing this.

It can’t be the show/hide because you can show/hide with the checkboxes over and over with no drift. It’s ONLY if [SAVE] is clicked that the drift starts and all the [SAVE] button does is hide the toolbar.

weird_behavior.rp (41.6 MB)

Latest build, Windows 10 64bit

Hi JimJam!

Apologies on the delay getting to this one! I’m seeing this drifting issue too when working with your file. It seems like the adaptive components of your TopNav’s “Toolbar” folder are moving in the direction of their vertical pin location. Because both the background rectangle and the save button are set to pin to “Top”, they’re both moving towards the top of the page. This behavior is unexpected, so I will be filing a bug report regarding this issue with our QA team.

I found that removing the pinning behavior from these dynamic panels and converting the Toolbar folder to a dynamic panel (where 100% widget and pin to browser styling can be applied) seems to keep the positioning of the dynamic panels from floating. The dynamic positioning for the icons on the right-hand side could potentially be handled using an OnLoad or OnWindowResize action that sets them to the correct distance from the right-hand side of the page.

I hope this helps some!

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I’m having a very similar issue. I have a Dynamic Panel set as a modal slide-in from the right. There’s a row in one layer that is fine the first time I click on it. But in subsequent loads it shifts up and to the left by about 3 pixels for no apparent reason. I do not have any of my panels pinned at all and I am not resizing or trying to change the position.

See how “Newly Created Node” is slightly mis-aligned? I’ve been at it for an hour and I cannot stop it from happening. I’ve removed the widget entirely and recreated it from scratch and as soon as I set it up it started doing the same thing again.

I am not doing anything to that object except basic Show/Hide Interactions. It doesn’t make sense.