Pinned/Fixed Positioning Bottom Left not working

I use the pin to browser feature a lot to created fixed headers and footers etc. - it seems to work fine for top and middle, but my bottom pinning it no longer at the bottom of the viewport, instead it appears to be where I placed it in the document.


May you show a screenshot of your viewport and your pin parameters window ? I think you have an undesirable margin in your pin setting.

Attached is an example - it turns out the bug is cause by a Repeater in the Dynamic Panel that is pinned to the bottom - this is a problem as I use a repeater for a horizontal nav bar that is pinned to the bottom.

Bad Pinning.rp (198.4 KB)

Got it! You must disable “fit to content” option of your dynamic panel.

If you need to fit to content anyway, do this :

  1. Add “OnLoad” interaction to dynamic panel
  2. Select event “Set Size”
  3. insert function inside Weight field and add your repeater as a local variable (named “rep” for example)
  4. use this function : [[rep.width]]
  5. For Height field insert this function : [[This.height]]
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