Pinning a dynamic panel - no option for Top Margin?

It would make my life easier if there was a way to specify a top margin when pinning a dynamic panel to the browser. For example, I have my nav bar header in a dp and pinned that to the top. Next, I have a content panel that sits 56 px below the nav bar, but when I pin that dp to top, it jumps to the top of the browser and disregards the position in the page. If I could just set the top margin of the content dp, that would solve my problem.

Hmm… That’s not how it works for me (Axure on Win10). If i pin a dynamic panel to the top, its margin is automatically set to the y-location of that dynamic panel in the editor. So, if your “content panel” is at y=56 in the editor, and you choose “Pin to browser” with option of “Top” then the margin should be automatically set (and not editable) at “56”, as in this example:

…If you select “Middle” or “Bottom” then the Margin field becomes editable. Not really clear to me why it is not editable for “Top” but also not clear why it would need to be when you can just move the dynamic panel in the editor.

Here is a quick demo with a “header” dp at y=0 and “content” dp with y=56 that works correctly for me (in latest version of Chrome.) If it does not work for you, I recommend sending an email to to report it as a bug and see if they have a workaround and/or is a known bug (perhaps for Axure RP9 on Mac and/or a specific browser?)

pin to top with margin.rp (52.4 KB)


MBC is correct. If, in the off off off change that you require the DP to be pinned to the top, you can create a 56px rectangle at the top of the DP and fill it with blank; stage the rest of your content below that. If you do this, you can’t enable Keep in front because even when blank, the rectangle will block your nav interactions, but if you keep your DPs layered properly, it works.