Place masters and define a variable in the master


I want to reuse a single master on one page, but pass a parameter to each instance to make it appear differently.
I cannot use global variables, as I will use the master multiple times on a page, and this can be different across different pages.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance,

The way to use a Master for an initial “structure” or view but then treat it like a regular widget (update different instances differently) is to place the Master with the “break away” option, or right-click a Master and choose “break away”. More details here:

Thank you for your response, but I do not want to break away.
We are only in the early beginnings of the project, so there will be lots of changes. I want to use the masters to make it easier to change things across all screens.

Only some parameters need to be set when an instance of a master is created. This will be used for e.g. the label of a button, the active state of a menu item etc. No big differences.

Masters have a special action called “Raise Event” that can be used to do what you’re wanting.

When editing the master, you can set an action like OnClick or OnPageLoad to “raise” one or more events.

Then when you select an instance of that master on a page, you should see those custom events in the “Properties”.

Dynamic_Masters.rp (87.5 KB)

Some of this is a lot easier to do in the newest version. In Axure 9 can use the properties panel to change the text on widgets inside the master.

Thank you very much, this works;
It is indeed some work, i will look into axure 9