Please Axure, fix Connectors


I am so so tired! Connectors are not stables… When I move them, connectors don’t stay connect with others… :-1:

Please Axure, fix it !

Hi Aurelie,

We’re currently working on resolving some known issues with connectors, but if you’re able to share an example file or list the steps you take to reproduce the problems you’ve been encountering with connectors then that would help to diagnose the cause of the issue and ensure that we have this filed on our end for investigation. Thank you!

Hi Alyssa,

I can’t share my file but here the list the septs:

  • Create form
  • Write text
  • Duplicate this object
  • Create connectors between
  • Modify text
  • Duplicate again this object…
  • Move certains objects with connectors.
  • And bug are presents

Hi Aurelie,

Sorry for the delay! I followed your listed steps (thank you for those!) and while dragging around the box widgets I do see some oddities in the routing of the connector lines depending on where the boxes are moved, but wasn’t able to reproduce the issue where the connectors disconnect from their corresponding widgets by dragging the boxes alone. I can however detach the connectors if I select a box along with its connector and move both together; to confirm is that what you’re seeing?


When I drag the boxes alone, the connectors disconnect.

When I have a page with many boxes and connectors, And if I want to drag them togheter, the drag is very slow.

Thank you for that! Our team has several bugs around connectors filed and will continue working through them. If you happen to be able to reproduce both the disconnect and the slow dragging easily in a new file, then we’d be happy to receive that file as a sample to reference while investigating the connector fixes. Thank you! :slight_smile: