Please disable dragging func when double click folder

  1. you have some pages and folders, they are long, so they are out of range of the left panel.

  2. you double click a folder to fold it.

  3. the folder folded, and the page list no longer out of range of the left panel.

  4. so the list go up in the left panel.

  5. and you are slow, like me, haven’t release the left mouse key yet.

  6. so the Axure think you want to move the folder

  7. so when you finally realese the left mouse key, you find out that the folder is in somewhere else. maybe moved inside other folder, or above another page, or you can’t find it at all.

so, Please disable dragging function, when user double click a foder to fold it or unfold it, until we release our left mouse key.

that will help me a loooooooooooot, thank you axure team, you’ve done a wonderful job.

hold on , let me make a video to speak for my poor english.-----------------------------------------
oh , doesn’ allow video upload

BTW: I am maybe the only paying user in China / SHENZHEN / TANGLANG , I pay my monthly VISA to you every month, and the other think I am stupid not to use the hacked free version, that’s how much I respect Axure team. so please help me. thank you