Please make it stop! Automatically scrolling the highlighted item to the top

I’ve been an Axure user for many a year now (7+ years) and I’ve never been so frustrated by an experience in Axure that’s sent me here to ask it to stop.

The latest update apparently included a “feature” that automatically scrolls the currently selected item in the outline to the top of the list. This has led to accidental reordering of layers and simmering frustration. I want to be able to see what’s above an item in the list to ensure that I’m on the right one.

The related but inconsistent auto-collapse of a folder is likewise super frustrating. It’s happened to me on toggle of visibility of a group as well as when deleting an item in a group. It auto-collapses and then I have no idea where the heck I was!

Please save me from yelling uselessly at my screen and make it stop!!

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