Please provide an Advanced Interaction Editor

Not to immediately complain about the new interaction editor design but it’s been a struggle so far. Please provide an alternate Advanced Interaction editor UI similar to the one we’re familiar with.

Progressive Disclosure of options is annoying:
The old interaction editor showed a lot of options at once in a secondary window but for advanced users this was very helpful. To me it’s what distinguished Axure as the best prototyping tool for robust and complicated interactions. The new sidebar approach buries all but the most basic of options deep within within the UI. The number of clicks (and navigational guesses) needed to setup a complex multiple case scenario or turn on frequently used shorthands like open as flyout or popup or push/pull widgets feels like a lot of work compared to the old UI. I worry I’ll be continuously clicking “More options” links to hunt for options that were once easily accessible.

Poor content hierarchy
The old interaction panel and editor used a simple indented text UI to show the hierarchy of interactions and cases. In the new sidebar my eyes have a difficult time distinguishing between a list of cases/interactions of any length. This also makes it more difficult to Copy/paste a group of interactions from widget to widget, something our team does frequently while prototyping.

The new sidebar may make basic interactions more accessible to new users, but please also support advanced users with the ability to access the old editor.


I have to agree. Though I have some issues with the current interaction editor, (mostly ease of use issues) I do not see how I will be able to create the complex interactions with the new wizard style interaction editor. For simple interactions, great… but as they get more complex, losing context is a huge issue. (I can’t see all the interactions at once for the object.) Please consider an Advanced interaction editor that is at least as powerful as the current one in 8.

just getting started with the beta, but this is concerning. I am sure I will find new UI that will be a wonderful improvement, but the interactions are not on that list.

Thank you!

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Agreed. New interaction panel is nice for simple stuff only.

Thanks for articulating it the right way.

I do Click Through as well as Complex Interactions and in some cases i start with click-through and add complex interactions further.

So, i like the current beta Interactions layout but ONLY for simple interactions not for Complex ones.

Guess Axure team has made the changes by using competitive analysis alone :frowning:

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I agree with jpzrmd and others on this thread. Axure needs an advanced interaction editor/viewer.

However, if we want the Axure guys to do anything, we should be more specific in our requests. I wrote down my thoughts on the following thread.

Please add your own ideas for what you want. If there are enough likes and clear direction on what we need from the AX8 interaction builder, they might listen. If we’re vague, I doubt they will do anything.