Position of Multiple Cases menu

I have a file with 2 cases on the same button MultipleConditions.rp (338.7 KB)

I want to demonstrate 2 things without logic to distinguish between them.
For some reason the axure menu appears in the top left corner of the screen not next to the button.

Any ideas why this is happening?

A colleague with Windows 10 has same issue as me, Mac user does not.

It is a default. Click the top left “X” and you will be able to hide that menu. Once you have done that you can copy the URL in the browser and provide that to whom you want to view the prototype.

You can always get the whole menu bar when you mouseover in the corner area where you will see a little right caret showing.


I am referring to this. In the past the cases menu would be located relative to the item you click on.
My issue is that the menu is not presented close to the click-able item (the plus icon)


This looks like a bug, assuming the code is associated with the plus symbol rather than associated with the dynamic panel or group that contains it.

It’s always good to post issues here so other users are aware, but you should also send a note to support@axure.com, as the Axure folks prefer that as the bug reporting mechanism, since they are sure to see it that way.

My next step to contact support

@Daniel, I downloaded and previewed your prototype, and I see different behavior. It looks like this might be a result of the browser, not so much Axure–although there may be something Axure could do in the generated HTML/JS/CSS to handle these browser differences in a consistent way.

I tested this on Win10, Axure RP9 ( and got different results per browser (latest versions):

  • Chrome: The case menu appears exactly where I click. Here is screenshot from clicking in center of the plus-sign:

  • Firefox: The case menu appears exactly where I click.

  • Edge: The case menu always appears at top-left of browser window; x=0, y=0

    • I also tested this by pulling out the button from the groups (because groups have bugs with positioning), and got no difference in behavior.
    • I tested this with a new basic “button” widget with two empty cases, and also got the same results.

Is there a workaround or fix for this issue? I’m using Windows 10 on a PC. Chrome browser.